Paragliding in Cape Town – Come Fly With Us!

Fully Certified

All our pilots are fully certified by the South African Hang gliding and Paragliding Assocication (SAHPA).


Highly Experienced

All our pilots have years of experience and have done thousands of tandem paragliding flights. They are all full time, professional tandem flight instructors.

Disabled Friendly

Don’t let anything keep you down. We won’t! Old, or young, two legs or one, paraplegic, prosthetics – we have experience flying with all kinds of people and we are excited to share the experience of paragliding with you.

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Tandem Paragliding is a truly amazing experience, and doing it in Cape Town…
what could be better!

Meet the Cape Town Tandem Paragliding Team

Manu Wegmershaus

Manu Wegmershaus


Flying since: 1994
SAHPA Licence Number: 13038
Nationality: South African

Manu Wegmershaus is the owner of Cape Town Tandem Paragliding. He was born in Germany and grew up in Zimbabwe. He started paragliding at the tender age of 14 and proceeded to become a paragliding junkie – eating, sleeping, breathing paragliding. Manu has taught with various schools around the world. He is married to the beautiful and illustrious Tiva, with whom he has 2 gorgeous boys.

Frikkie van Rheede

Frikkie van Rheede


Flying since: 2002
SAHPA Licence Number: 12619
Nationality: South African

Frikkie started paragliding in 2002 in the beautiful mountains of Bulwer in the Drakensberg. He has 2 awesome boys, a wife and 3 dogs to complete the family. For Frikkie, paragliding is about freedom and being one with the sky. "Life is too short to be boring."

    Mias de Klerk

    Mias de Klerk


    Flying since: 2002
    SAHPA Licence Number: 11548
    Nationality: South African

    Mias is an absolute flying fanatic. Started free flying in 2002 and loved it right from the start. Mias is from the Lowveld in Mpumalanga where he has done most of his flying and instruction over the past 10 years. “Paragliding has become a BIG part of my life and sharing the experience with people is an absolute passion for me” says Mias. He believes paragliding has a special way of retaining a healthy perspective in life.

      Pete Wallenda

      Pete Wallenda


      Flying since: 1988
      SAHPA Licence Number: PG1009
      Nationality: South African

      Pete started flying in 1986 when paragliding was just starting off. Pete is the forefather of paragliding in South Africa and is well loved and respected in the paragliding world. Pete runs a paragliding school amongst other things. He is a bit technically challenged but you won't find a better pilot or nicer guy!

        Kay Dura - Tandem Flight Instructor with Cape Town Tandem Paragliding

        Kay Dura


        Flying since: 1992
        SAHPA Licence Number: 5418
        Nationality: South Africa

        Kay has been paragliding for over 20 years. He lives in Turkey for 6 months of the year, flying in Oludeniz and then comes down to Cape Town for the remainder of the year to fly with us. Kay is a happy and playful guy who loves to share the sky.

          Klemen Sovan - Tandem Instructor at Cape Town Tandem Paragliding

          Klemen Sovan


          Flying since: 1993
          SAHPA Licence Number: 16136
          Nationality: Slovenian

          Klemen is an outdoor sports enthusiast. In winter he packs away his paragliders and goes skiing. At the first signs of spring he pulls out his paraglider, packs away his skis and takes to the skies. Klemen is one of the world's top acro pilots. He competed for several years in aerobatic competitions. Klemen has been flying with Cape Town Tandem Paragliding since 2009. In Slovenia Klemen has his own paragliding school.

            Sammi - Tandem Paragliding Instructor at Cape Town Tandem Paragliding


            Flying since: 2009
            SAHPA Licence Number: 13038
            Nationality: Icelandic

            Sammi started paragliding during the long summer days of Iceland in 2009 and was hooked from the start. Since then he has travelled the world for paragliding finally ending up in Cape Town during the South African summer and then scoots off back to the Icelandic summer for 6 months where he has his own Tandem Paragliding company. Sammi is a always happy and you'll probably never catch him without a smile on his face.

              Check it out!

              We use the amazing GoPro cameras to capture insane video and photos of your tandem paragliding flight – all the action, all the emotion! Ask your pilot.The inflight photos and video are an optional extra. You can view them after the flight without any obligation to buy them. If you do want to take them (most people do), we give them to you in a very convenient format – a 4GB micro SD card with an adapter and a plastic housing – very modern!

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              What others are saying

              Hi Manu, Peter and I want to thank you again for the wonderful flight we had on Thursday. We really enjoyed it a lot! Cheers from cold-cold Germany.
              Franz, Passenger
              Hi Manu, just want to say thanks again. The whole experience was great and I believe its something that everybody needs to do at least once! All the best with your business, pray for good weather and safe flights!
              Matthys, Passenger