Awesome day at Lions Head

Awesome day at Lions Head

On Friday we started flying at 8am in the morning and finished at 7.30pm as the sun was going  down.

Sometimes, Lion’s Head delivers and when it does it is so sweet. Taking off from the lower take-off at roughly 400m above sea level, you soar up and down along the cliffs until you are above the peak of Lion’s Head at 669m. As you summit Lion’s Head you can now look down over the whole of Cape Town City. A full 360 degree panorama. This is breath taking. This is awe-inspiring. Everything looks so much crisper and clearer from up here. Life feels so much sweeter.

After taking in the views we cruise out until we are over Camps Bay beach and then out over the ocean. Sometimes we offer you the opportunity to fly yourself so you can see what it feels like and how easy it is.

Now it’s time to play. We start off with some big wingovers, swooping from one side to the other, like a big swing in the sky, building up more and more energy, leaving you stomach behind at every turn. Finally, we crank it into a tight spiral building up speed and G-force. It’s a crazy feeling, exhilarating and maybe a bit scary but quite safe.

We exit the spiral and do a few final turns before a soft landing in front of the Bungalow restaurant on the soccer field belonging to the Glen Country Club.


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